April 19-22, 2012 Retreat
Design Exercises with a Bauhaus Focus
Led by Susan Lazear 

"I never felt more like myself."  2010 participant

Stretch your creativity and design skills through a series of hands-on art exercises.  The Bauhaus in Germany (1919-1933) was one of the first schools of design and its philosophy believed that craft and art should be developed to the same level. In this workshop, using various exercises, you will learn how to work with the elements and principles of design, and apply them to your own medium, whether it is fiber, fashion, or art. In addition to the hands-on portion of this workshop, you will learn about the Bauhaus School, and the various artists and craftspeople who taught and or/studied there (such as Johannes Itten, Wassily Kandinsky, Josef and Anni Albers, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, Paul Klee, and others).

Susan has always been fascinated with the Bauhaus school and its philosophy. It is her goal to take what they developed and share their passion for design.  She is working on an e-book for Creative Design exercises, and you will get to be part of her evolving process of experimenting with art in both traditional and non-traditional ways.  “I’ve developed a series of exercises that work for novices and experienced artists as well. My goal is to help you ‘see’ design everywhere you look, and to realize there are fun and unique ways to create great things.”

Among the many topics we will discuss during the retreat, you will study color in a non-color theory format, and look at how textures can be pulled from the street and turned into a great element for your work.  You will also learn how to see and develop pattern to add greater interest to your art or fiber art. "Prepare to revert back to your childhood and explore design and creativity with the freedom of a child who has a great set of colored pencils and paper."

In the evenings, Susan will offer short presentations of various Bauhaus artists’ work. Expand your art history knowledge and learn to understand and appreciate how great an impact the Bauhaus school has had on art and design.

Your days will be filled with inspirational art instruction and plenty of time to focus on your individual projects, but in addition, you will:
-     Relax in the beautiful wilderness of the Wasatch mountains.  Weather permitting, we will go for morning hikes.    
-    Take a tour of beautiful Ogden Valley.
-     Set your inner Wild West Cowgirl free with a visit to the famous Shooting Star, Utah’s oldest continuously-running saloon, which is.... well, indescribable. You just have to see it.
-    Visit Snow Basin Ski Resort, home of the 2000 Olympic downhill ski races. 
-    Have the option of an in-house massage or other spa services (for a additional fee). 
We hope you'll join us!
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